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Farm Sim Driving Activities

If you are a fan of Farming Simulator, Daggerwin, Welker Farms, MrSealyp, Tom Pemberton and others we have the perfect thing for you.  Why not take part in our Farming Simulator league see how your time compares to others, take the challenge to see how you are as a real farmer! We have different missions to see if you can complete them. If you want reality then this is it, no mods allowed!

If you play farm simulator whether its old school Farm Sim 17, Farm Sim 19 or the amazing new Farming Simulator 22 with seasons and unbelievable graphics we are the only farm in the UK that specialises in letting you come and try the real thing, we offer taster or full Farm Simulator driving experiences.

Do you like mods well we get to apply real world mods to our farm equipment, and they break down too, get stuck in the mud and need cleaning.

We want to know when the next version is coming out, so we follow many of the best blogs on farm sim such as;


Official fanpage

Try one of our Tractor or Combine Driving experiences and you are sure to have a great time.

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Want To See What The Tractor Does On Our farm!

Check Out Our YouTube Channel Here.

General Information

We offer all of our activities to families, large groups and corporate teams. We'll tailor the activity to suit your group and ensure that everybody enjoys themselves!